Making Sense of the New Distracted Driving Law

Getting stuck in I-5 traffic was already pretty maddening 10, 15 years ago; but think of the added outrage you felt the last time you realized the knucklehead who just cut you off was trying to send a text instead of keeping his eyes on the road. Gaaaahhhh! Wait till you’re parked, people! The Washington… Read More

How Do I Make My Auto Insurance Cheaper?

How do auto insurance companies see you? Are you high-risk? If so, what can you do about this? How do auto insurers decide who is high-risk or low-risk? What influences the premium prices and how are they decided in the first place? Need help with your auto insurance claim? There are a lot of questions… Read More

Hit & Run – What to do!

Any time you’re involved in an accident, thorough documentation is needed for your insurance company.  But when one party is missing, this becomes more difficult.  In a hit and run situation you’re also going to need to get the police involved right away so that a police report is on file.  Here are a few… Read More