Wheel Alignment Services – Tacoma, WA

Maintaining good wheel alignment is similar to maintaining good posture. Just as proper posture keeps your body balanced and stable, wheel alignment positions your car’s wheels correctly in relation to each other and the road.

Getting your alignment adjusted when needed keeps your car rolling smoothly down the road. This ensures that your tires wear evenly and helps you avoid further damage and accidents.

Wheel Alignment Services We Provide

  • Suspension System – Adjustment, Analysis, and Repair
  • Steering System – Adjustment, Analysis, and Repair
  • Tire Tread Measurement
  • Damaged Rims 
  • Tire Replacement

Signs Your Wheels Need To Be Adjusted

Misalignment can show up in a few ways that are easy to spot.  If you notice one or more of these issues you should bring your vehicle in to us be inspected by one of our professional technicians.


Your car might drift to one side or back and forth when you are driving.  The steering wheel could turn as you move down the road or may be off-center even though you are driving straight.


Misalignment may show up in vibrations you can feel, either in the steering wheel or throughout the car. Turning could seem harder than usual and may be the moment when you feel the car shake.


If you hear chirping or squealing from your tires, especially when turning or accelerating, that could possibly mean that the wheels aren’t aligned correctly.

How Do The Wheels Get Out Of Alignment?

Regular wear and aging suspension parts can slowly move your alignment out of the normal ranges.  Driving on rough terrain or on poorly maintained roads can cause suspension components to shift.  Also, bent or damaged parts from impacts, such as accidents or hitting a curb, can sometimes stop providing the proper mounting positions for a functional suspension system, as can modifications or previous repairs.

Need Us To Take A Look?

Don’t let poor wheel alignment from damage or vehicle age compromise your vehicle’s performance and safety.  Trust our collision repair experts for reliable and efficient wheel alignment services. Contact us to get a quote today!