Driving Safe Through Road Construction

There are lots of construction projects underway all over the state this summer, including several along the busy stretch of the I-5 corridor that many of us travel daily in Pierce, King and Thurston counties. Not only can construction create frustrating delays, as traffic suddenly narrows to one or two lanes, it creates conditions that… Read More

Making Sense of the New Distracted Driving Law

Getting stuck in I-5 traffic was already pretty maddening 10, 15 years ago; but think of the added outrage you felt the last time you realized the knucklehead who just cut you off was trying to send a text instead of keeping his eyes on the road. Gaaaahhhh! Wait till you’re parked, people! The Washington… Read More

Semitrailer Underride Guards Save Lives

When it comes to rear-end tractor-trailer collisions, rear underride guards save lives. That’s why the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently recognized five North American semitrailer manufacturers with its new Tough Guard Award for rear guards that are exceptionally good at preventing a range of deadly underride crashes. An underride guard is the metal bumper… Read More