Summer Road Trip Safety

What is better than a summer road trip?  For many it is a regular part of the season and with good reason.  We have so much beauty in the Northwest and road trips are a great way to see it all.  With that said, a little preparation is in order to prevent a breakdown or… Read More

Driving Safely in Construction Zones

Driving safely in work zones is increasingly important with the onset of summer.  All over Washington State and in particular throughout the South Puget Sound and here in Tacoma we can expect driving delays and slowdowns due to construction on our roadways that require you to be more alert and responsive than normal driving conditions. … Read More

Traffic Safety Guidelines For A Peaceful and Safe Commute

Maintaining focused awareness on the road these days is both increasingly important and increasingly difficult.  More cars than ever are on the road, more and more machines, devices, and advertisements are vying for our attention and as cities are building their transportation infrastructure to accommodate future projections of increased traffic, the road hazards and slow… Read More

Road Rage & Agressive Driving

About two-thirds of all traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving according to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA).  It’s safe to say that anyone who drives in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area has encountered aggressive drivers and/or has been an aggressive driver.  The statistics on road rage speak for themselves, it’s something that all of… Read More