What To Do If You Have Curb Damaged Rims

Curb Damage Rim Repair Cost Most wheels can be repaired for 1/2 the cost of a new one. The bigger question is a matter of safety. Does your wheel alignment feel off now? This could result in another cost. To get a fair wheel alignment estimate, contact us. Safety First – Rim Repair or Replacement? So what… Read More

How Much Does Auto Body Cost?

Cost Factors – Amount and Type of Damage Regardless of all other costs associated with auto body repair, the big cost will be dependent on the amount and type of damage your vehicle has sustained. In order for an insurance company to consider a vehicle totaled, the repair cost estimate must exceed 70%, but up… Read More

Prevent Your Car From Being Vandalized

Our last blog was on the steps to take if you discover that your vehicle has been vandalized.  Naturally, if you’ve ever had your car keyed, broken into, or vandalized in one manner or another, you’re going to wonder what you can do to prevent another occurrence in the future.  Sadly, vandals are rarely caught… Read More