Choosing The Right Body & Paint Shop in Tacoma

The last thing anyone wants, is to be involved in an auto accident that requires body and paint work.  Most consumers are apprehensive about body shops because they’re not quite sure what to expect or how it all works, not to mention what the repair bill will look like. At Collision Specialists our number one… Read More

Car Crash Assistance – There’s an App For That

Forty-five percent of U.S. adults have a smart phone.  Just look around next time your in line at Starbucks or anywhere else for that matter, oftentimes you’ll see the majority of people passing the time on their phone.  With such a large audience it’s not surprising that there is an app for almost everything. You’ve… Read More

Tips For Choosing An Auto Body Shop

Getting into an accident is bad enough, but then you have to go through the seemingly daunting task of getting your car fixed.  If you already know to turn to Collision Specialists, you’re probably not thinking that it’s such a daunting task because you personally know, or know through a close friend that we’ll take… Read More