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Expert Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement

A broken windshield after a collision

Windshield Safety

Clear visibility from within a vehicle is a critical driving safety consideration. Your windshield, rear window and door glass were designed to protect you and your passengers from airborne debris and organic matter. Cracks in your windshield reduce visibility, and reduce the over all strength of the your auto glass to withstand a collision. Don’t compromise the safety of your family and passengers from that crack in your windshield. One scary statistic is how many people hit large animals in Washington state. In 2016 your odds of hitting such wildlife were 1 in 307.

Don’t compromise the safety of you and your loved ones, contact us today to get your windshield replaced.

Auto Theft and Loss of Property

Auto glass is meant to keep things out. This includes keeping people out, such as thieves. Blocking outside access to stored valuables, and stopping the theft of your vehicle is an important consideration. Therefore, when your windshields are cracked, pitted or discolored, their effectiveness is compromised and may be causing a driving safety hazard that should be addressed right away.

Getting Your Windshield Replaced

Collision Specialists offers the best in glass replacement alternatives and the company’s experienced auto body technicians located in Tacoma and Kent are quick and careful to replace glass work without disrupting the other areas of your vehicle. We’ll replace all glasswork and related window trim to factory specifications, gladly seek out stock parts if it is your desire, and work with all major insurance carriers to give you a positive, pain-free window replacement experience.

If your vehicle is in need of a new windshield or auto glass replacement work, let the experts at Collision Specialists take care of the job. For a free estimate on your auto glass replacement project, please complete our convenient online contact form or call our Tacoma shop direct at 253-476-0564.