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Does your car need a new paint job?  Whether we’re restoring a faded or dulled paint job, repairing a scratch, or mending more significant auto body damage repair we are the expert choice.

Auto Paint Color Matching

Collision Specialists takes pride in our ability to perfectly match the original color and technique used on your car’s original paint job. Our paint technicians take extreme care to blend any newly painted areas into the original painted surface of the vehicle, leaving the repair work unnoticeable and inconspicuous. You’ll love how your car’s new paint job makes it look brand new again!

Car Scratch Paint Repair

Does your vehicle have a bad scratch? Our expert auto body technicians can save you money with our car scratch removal service. We can often repair auto scratches without the need for a paint job. We can repair scratches on bumpers, doors, fenders, and hoods.

What to look for in a good Auto Body Paint Shop?

Many of the cheap auto body paint shop national brands will quickly paint your vehicle without properly prepping the car for the paint job. This is really important to ensure the paint job that you receive will last for many years without peeling or fading. At Collision Specialists in Tacoma we understand what it takes for your car’s paint job to endure the harsh, wet northwest climate. In addition our experts can remove any dents prior to painting.

Tacoma’s Best Auto Body Paint Shop

We are one of the highest rated body shops in Tacoma and have the reviews to prove it.

If you are seeking estimates or guidance regarding your vehicle paint or scratch repair, call us today for a friendly, no-pressure consultation at 253.476.0564 or fill out or quick and easy web inquiry form.

Maintain Your Car’s Paint Job

Car paint has come a long way since the early 1900’s when the coatings were a varnish that were a carry-over from the horse and buggy days.  It was not uncommon for the process of painting, sanding, and refinishing to take over a month to complete.  And as far as options, well Henry Ford said it best, “You can have a car any color you like as long as it is black.”

Advancements in automobile paint continued through the years.  By the late 80’s and early 90’s major changes were taking place.  New laws were enacted and painting processes were changed.  The government mandated lower amounts of volatile organic compounds and urethane and polyurethane blends were put to use.  This presented challenges for car owners, auto body shops, and detailers.  The car paint industry worked hard; quickly car paint became better than ever.   Many of us who love cars enjoy the wide range of extraordinary colors that are glossy and extremely durable if they are properly maintained.

This leads us to the question, how do we properly maintain our car so it’s paint stays like new for as long as possible?  A yearly detail does wonders, but in between these details there are some things every car owner can do.

Can I Use Dishwashing Detergent to Wash My Car?

Dishwashing detergent from your kitchen is good at getting the bugs off but is also really good at removing all the wax that you want to keep on your car. Make sure that when you wash your car that you use automobile detergent. When you dry your car use a chamois towel to prevent hard water spots.

How to Wax My Car to Protect the Auto Body Paint Job?

When waxing, have your car parked in the shade.  Do not wax your car if it’s hot.  Wax the trunk, roof and hood first.  Spread the wax in a circular motion to small sections at a time, if you attempt too large an area it may dry too fast and buffing will be very difficult.  After five minutes, dry and buff the remainder of the wax off using a soft towel.  When completed with the entire car, apply one more coat to the top surfaces since these areas are prone to the most fading.

Depending on the climate your wax job should last about three to four months.  Test the wax by spraying water on the car.  If the water beads up and runs off, then there is enough wax on your car.  If it doesn’t bead up, it’s time for another wax job.

yellow car paint on classic '66 Chevelle
black car paint on a classic '67 Chevelle