Radiator Repair Tacoma

A radiator after it has been repaired on a car.

Radiator Repair

Your vehicle’s cooling system is in a vulnerable location when it comes to collisions. While some collisions can’t be avoided, having to stress about radiator repairs of your car or truck can be when you come to our auto body shop in Tacoma. Our techs have seen many damaged radiators, and will be able to get your radiator fixed and get your car back on the road.

Radiator Leak Repair

The engine of a car runs at high temperatures. This shouldn’t be surprising. What will be surprising is when your engine heat gauge is maxed out on your way to work or that family vacation and you see steam coming out of your hood.

If you smell that sweet stench of antifreeze don’t ignore it! Check under your vehicle, and under the hood. Are there any leaks? If you don’t see a leak, make sure your coolant is full and keep a close eye on the level. Please keep in mind that the coolant gauge varies depending if your engine has been running or not (the coolant expands due to heat). So mentally benchmark the coolant level either before you start your car, or after a trip. If this level starts to drop, get into a radiator repair shop.

The last thing you want is permanent damage due to excessive heat. Radiator repairs are much cheaper than buying a new engine.

Radiator Replacement

Depending on how bad the collision was, you may have to get your radiator replaced. While getting any key component of your vehicle replaced isn’t cheap, it is a lot cheaper than causing more permanent damage when that radiator isn’t replaced.

Other Collision Services

Has your vehicle in other ways as well? Aside from radiator repair, we do many other repair services. Our auto body shop does: