Car Radiator Repair or Replacement – Tacoma, WA

A radiator after it has been repaired on a car.

Your vehicle’s cooling system is in a vulnerable location when it comes to collisions. While some collisions can’t be avoided, having to stress about radiator repairs of your car or truck can be when you come to our auto body shop in Tacoma. Our techs have seen many damaged radiators, and will be able to get your radiator fixed and get your car back on the road.

Radiator Services We Provide

Radiator Leak Repair

Our team of technicians can repair or replace your car radiator after it has been damaged in a collision to get your vehicle’s cooling system restored. We will diagnose and fix any radiator leaks your car may be having, preventing further engine damage and getting you back on the road safely.

Radiator Replacement

Depending on the amount of damage your car received in the collision, your radiator may need to be replaced. Our technicians have seen a wide range of different car models, giving them the experience and expertise to successfully get your radiator replaced. 

Hose Replacement

When a collision impacts your vehicle, the integrity of its hoses can also be compromised, affecting the cooling system’s performance. Our experienced technicians can swap out any damaged hoses, helping you avoid overheating issues to get your car back on the road.

Cooling Fan Replacement

In the aftermath of a collision your vehicle’s cooling fan might suffer damage that affects its efficiency and your engine’s temperature control. Our team is skilled in handling a lot of vehicle types and equipped to assess and replace faulty cooling fans.

Signs Your Radiator Needs Repair

If you notice any unusual issues with your vehicle following a collision, it could be a sign that your radiator needs attention. If you see these indicators, you should have a professional take a look: overheating, leaking coolant, low coolant levels, and steam emanating from under the hood.


Overheating is a sign that your radiator may be compromised, especially after a collision. If your vehicle’s temperature gauge spikes or the engine runs hotter than usual, it’s important to have your radiator checked immediately to prevent more severe damage.

Leaking Coolant

Leaking coolant is a clear symptom of radiator trouble, often noticeable by puddles of fluid under your car or a sweet-smelling liquid. If you observe any signs of coolant leakage, get this issue addressed swiftly to avoid overheating and potential engine damage.

Low Coolant Levels

Low coolant levels can indicate a leak or inefficiency within your radiator system, particularly following an impact. It’s essential to monitor your coolant level and consult with technicians if you notice it dropping unexpectedly.

Steam From the Hood

Steam emanating from under your hood is a clear indicator of radiator trouble, signaling that your vehicle is overheating and possibly leaking coolant. Observing steam should prompt an immediate inspection to prevent further damage to your engine and ensure your safety on the road.

Need Us To Take a Look?

Don’t let radiator leaks from collision damage compromise your vehicle’s performance and safety. Trust our collision repair experts for reliable and efficient radiator leak repair services. Contact us to get a quote.

Other Collision Services

Has your vehicle in other ways as well? Aside from radiator repair, we do many other repair services. Our auto body shop does: