Auto Detailing in Tacoma, WA

A nice shiny car after it has been detailed

Professional Car
Detailing Done Right

Collision Specialists wants to make your
car, truck, or auto shine like it just rolled off
of the assembly line.

Your vehicle is one of the most valuable investments that you own, and maintaining its functionality and appearance is vital to preserving its value.

Anyone we’ve ever helped in our shop knows customer service is king here at Collision Specialists in Tacoma. Our car detailing services take no exception to that. When you bring your vehicle in for repairs, we will be happy to perform auto detailing.

Auto Detailing Services We Provide in Our Tacoma Shop

Interior Car Detailing

Need the interior of your car or truck detailed? Car interior cleaning is something we can perform for you when your vehicle is here in the shop. This is just one less thing you are going to have to stress about after your collision.

We use high-quality, commercially-available cleaning products to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Regular cleaning can prevent breakdown of carpet

A car getting an interior detail

Exterior Car Detailing

After a collision, your car may need car paintdent removal, or rim repair. Once those auto body repairs are complete, we will gladly wash, wax and clean your vehicle to the highest of quality standards from bumper to bumper.

A car getting an exterior detail

Benefits of an Interior Detail

Clean & Healthy Environment

An interior car detail removes dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria, creating a cleaner and healthier interior environment for passengers.

Odor Elimination

Professional car detailing can effectively remove odors from spills, pets, smoke, or other sources, creating a fresh-smelling interior.

Stain Removal

Stubborn stains from spills or accidents can be effectively removed, restoring the upholstery to its original condition.

Preservation of Interior Surfaces

Conditioning and protecting interior surfaces (leather, vinyl, plastic) prevent cracking, fading, and wear, preserving the vehicle’s interior aesthetics.

Comfort Enhancement

Cleaned and conditioned seats, carpets, and upholstery enhance the comfort and overall driving experience for passengers.

Benefits of an Exterior Detail

Paint Protection

Car detailing treatments like waxing and sealant application create a protective layer, guarding the paint against oxidation, UV rays, and environmental contaminants.

Scratch Removal

Minor scratches and swirl marks can be polished out during detailing, restoring the paint surface to its original smoothness.

Rust Prevention

Thorough cleaning and protective coatings inhibit rust formation, especially in vulnerable areas like the undercarriage.

Enhanced Resale Value

A well-maintained, detailed vehicle commands a higher resale value, as it indicates care and attention to potential buyers.

Improved Visibility

Cleaned and polished windows, mirrors, and headlights enhance visibility, ensuring safer driving conditions.

Wheel and Tire Care

Vehicle detailing includes cleaning and polishing wheels and tires, making them look new and extending their lifespan.

Attention to Car Detail

Collision Specialists in Tacoma has highly skilled and meticulous auto detailing professionals. We provide vehicles visiting our shop with an exterior wash and interior cleaning. For those customers who wish us to perform a complete auto detail service during a collision damage repair visit, we are more than happy to provide it for them.

Our auto detailing service is one of the best kept secrets in Tacoma! We’ve earned the loyalty of several returning car detail customers by doing the right thing and taking care of their car detailing needs along with their repair needs. Our convenient location is rapidly becoming a favorite stop for returning auto detail clients who are also sending their friends.

It is always our pleasure to help customers feel comfortable and proud of their vehicle’s presence on the road. Call today for more information on our car detailing services. We can be reached during business hours at 253-476-0564.