What To Do If You Keep Curbing Your Wheels

Wheel With Damage

The majority of the damage done to a car’s wheels is due to the driver scraping a curb. If you parallel park a lot you may find that you have your fair share of scuffs and scrapes on your wheels. It’s a bummer when you wash or detail your car and your nice shiny wheels are prominently still bearing witness to those unfortunate times that the curb got in the way. They might be clean, but they still are not as nice as they should be.

One of the problems is that many wheels today have edges that protrude out beyond the edge of the tire, which makes curbing your wheels even easier when parallel parking. And then there are the times when scraping your wheels is inevitable such as when swiping a curb is the best option in avoiding a collision and subsequent visit to the auto body repair shop.

Every new driver knows that the worst part of the driving test is parallel parking. It’s a skill that many people will never quite perfect. However, getting good at parallel parking is the single best way to keep your wheels in great shape. Furthermore, everyone knows that the way you get good at something is to practice. In this situation you don’t actually want to practice parking where there is a curb, which will defeat the purpose. Grab some cones and start perfecting your parallel parking skills in a parking lot. After you’ve gotten good and confident that you will no longer be cringing when you hit the curb while parking bring your car into Collision Specialists in Tacoma to get those wheels fixed. When you have a nice car there is nothing better than a clean car with shiny, flawless rims.

Here’s a helpful video on how to parallel park.

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