Industry Independence: The Choice is Yours

Your choice matters, and in an industry dominated by some of the largest companies in the world, your trust in a quality, locally-owned collision facility to look after your needs, in spite of an insurance company’s desire to save money, is absolutely essential for your peace of mind. The two main factors related to a… Read More

Black Friday Accident Claims

Black Friday is right around the corner.  Some of us look forward to this day and some of us wouldn’t be caught dead out and about on Black Friday.  If you need another reason to stay home on Black Friday, here you go: Parking-related accident claims increase by 36.5% compared to Fridays two weeks before… Read More

Describing Auto Accidents

If you’re involved in an auto accident or just witnessed one, you’ll need to be able to describe details of the accident to the police upon their arrival.  This can be a bit nerve-wracking because they usually seem happen in the blink of the eye.  On top of how quickly they occur, many are often… Read More

Get Cheaper Insurance

While some people may only have car insurance because the law requires us to, without a doubt it’s a very valuable thing to have.  Most of us who have found ourselves sitting in a auto body shop have personally experienced that value.  But just because it’s a thing of value doesn’t mean that it has… Read More