Get Cheaper Insurance

While some people may only have car insurance because the law requires us to, without a doubt it’s a very valuable thing to have.  Most of us who have found ourselves sitting in a auto body shop have personally experienced that value.  But just because it’s a thing of value doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive and there are factors that can lower that cost for us.

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Most insurance companies offer discounts for bundling your car insurance with your home insurance.  Make sure that you’re taking advantage of this extra savings.  If you’re not with an insurance company that offers this discount and you own your home, find out how much you could save by switching; it’s likely to be worth it.

Responsible people get better insurance rates and while there are many things that make you a responsible person, the insurance companies are not likely to judge this by whether or not you’re a timely person or if you like to volunteer to help your community or neighbors.  What they can track however, is your credit score.  So here is yet another reason to pay your bills on time.

Insurance companies also offer group discounts, so if you are in a group such as AARP or the Veterans’ Administration make sure to ask if this qualifies you for a discount.

If paying for auto insurance makes you crazy because you never get into car accidents, take on a little more risk by upping your deductible.  This in turn will lower the rate that you pay.

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Consider a car with a lot of safety features when purchasing again and a security system.  Newer cars aren’t necessarily cheaper to insure especially when they have a superb safety rating.

If all this fails or you’ve been down these paths and still feel your insurance is too high, try shopping around.  After all, they’re all claiming to be able to save you anywhere from 15 to 40 percent.  And they have the catchiest ways of getting our attention—a cute gecko, the NFL’s MVP, etc.  I would suggest trying both the 15 minutes for 15 percent and the Discount Double Check, and maybe more to find the best fit and the best price for you.

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