Hit & Run – What to do!

White Car With Smashed Rear Bumper

Any time you’re involved in an accident, thorough documentation is needed for your insurance company.  But when one party is missing, this becomes more difficult.  In a hit and run situation you’re also going to need to get the police involved right away so that a police report is on file.  Here are a few Do’s and a couple Don’ts for when you’re involved in a hit and run.


·      Get as much information about the other driver as possible

·      The first thing to try to take down if possible is the license plate number

·      What damage do you think the other vehicle sustained

·      A description of the other vehicle

·      Where the other vehicle was headed

·      Location, time and cause of the incident

·      Photos of the damage to your car

·      Ask witnesses (if any) for what they saw and get their contact information


·      Do not follow the other car

·      Do not wait to call the police or your insurance company

And one more DO: Contact Collision Specialists to take care of the damage to your car.  You’ll want this incident behind you and your car back to its original condition as soon as possible!

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