How Do I Make My Auto Insurance Cheaper?

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How do auto insurance companies see you? Are you high-risk? If so, what can you do about this? How do auto insurers decide who is high-risk or low-risk? What influences the premium prices and how are they decided in the first place?

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There are a lot of questions concerning auto insurance but the only important one should be: How do I make my auto insurance cheaper?

You may be surprised to hear that a big influence on the price of an auto insurance premium is how the insurer views you as a person and as a driver. If you can make yourself appealing and low-risk in the eyes of insurers you will soon find low premiums as your reward.

Here are 3 things you can do to personally lower your auto insurance quotes:

1. How’s My Driving?

A clean driving record will present you with more insurers to choose from. The benefit of a clean record may be obvious but not everyone considers the ramifications of bad driving. A clean driving record is a huge factor when any insurance company calculates a premium. In fact, it’s probably the most important point. Auto insurance providers make big discounts on policies dependent solely on you having an unblemished driving record. Consider this the next time you are in a rush, not paying attention, or decide to chance a risky pass.

2. Improve Your Worth To Insurers

Most people consider themselves to be good drivers. They have driven for years without any problems so why do they need additional instruction? The answer is lower auto insurance premiums. Many insurers will offer a discounted premium to drivers who have completed an advanced driving course. The courses are relatively cheap (and cost-effective when you work out money spent over the money saved every year with reduced premiums). An advanced driving course will improve your driving (no matter how good you think you already are) and lead to cheaper quotes.

3. Good and Bad Modifications

Technically, this isn’t really a person trait. However, they do say a car says a lot about a person and what you do to your own car says a lot about you to insurance companies.

Take any performance modifications, for example. These instantly say you like to drive fast. Insurance companies equate fast to risky.  Expensive stereos promote theft, which includes car damage and therefore a claim. Expensive cosmetic add-ons make your car more attractive to car-jackers, they also imply that you are flashy, risky, and like to impress, all of which look bad in the eyes of an auto insurer.  Any of these will drive up the insurance premium.

Security modifications, on the other hand, such as: trackers, alarms, immobilizers, mechanical anti-theft devices, and other equipment designed to deter theft will reduce a premium. Insurers see you making an effort to protect your car. This also infers that you are a careful person who likes to minimize risk and danger. Insurers like your kind and will reward you with low premiums.

Now How Do I Look?

Use the ideas listed above to reduce your next auto insurance quote. Once you’ve improved your appeal to insurers, your premium will go down. Remember that insurers don’t come around and interview you personally before calculating a quote. They take the limited information you provide, then combine this with statistics gleaned from data models to decide which category or categories you reside in. Then they calculate your premium.

Improving how you look not only influences insurers when they look at the information you provided in a form, it influences which data model, or models, insurers think best suit you. A few simple changes can yield a big reduction in your next auto insurance quote.

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