Protect Your Car From Fall Leaves

Parking under trees is tempting especially when it’s hot out but it’s not the best choice, especially this time of year. Leaves accumulating on your car can stain and damage your car’s finish due to sap, pollen, and tannic acid. If you find yourself in a situation with leaves on your car here are some… Read More

What To Do If You Keep Curbing Your Wheels

The majority of the damage done to a car’s wheels is due to the driver scraping a curb. If you parallel park a lot you may find that you have your fair share of scuffs and scrapes on your wheels. It’s a bummer when you wash or detail your car and your nice shiny wheels… Read More

Exterior Car Care Tips

Exterior Car Care Tips From Your Local Auto Body Shop in Tacoma, Washington. If you’ve had auto body work done on your car after an accident, you know the feeling of wanting to keep it looking good for as long as possible.  With spring in full swing, it also feels like a good time to… Read More

When To Replace Your Shocks

You like riding on rollercoasters, but only at the theme park.  Riding in your car should be comfortable and when the rolling and swaying becomes a bit much it’s probably time to look at replacing your shocks and/or struts.  Shocks are usually good for about 30,000 – 40,000 miles.  Struts last for about 50,000 –… Read More