The Risk Of Not Dealing With A “Small” Accident

car pulling out of parking space

We all procrastinate for different reasons, but waiting to deal with that small dent in your bumper from when you backed out of that parking space the other day, just might end up doing even more damage to your vehicle than initially done and in turn, end up costing you more money.

A small accident can cause damage that is barely noticeable; some don’t leave any evidence at all. For instance, say you actually did back into another car and hit bumpers hard enough to make you think there was damage done, but upon inspection, none existed that your eyes could see. No harm, no foul right?  Even if you couldn’t see the harm, it doesn’t mean that no foul was done.

What appears to be little to no damage to your vehicle’s bumper can actually affect the integrity of some of the bumper components.  Underneath, the absorber and reinforcement bar may very well be damaged meaning the next time you’re hit, the damage will be much more extensive.  Auto body repair businesses can help you determine whether unseen damage has actually been done.

If you procrastinate on the inspection of this “little” accident and you’re hit again, the cost will be significantly more AND dealing with the insurance company could prove to be quite an ordeal as well.  If the insurance adjuster determines that prior damage existed then they are likely to only pay a percentage of the cost to repair.

If you end up in a similar situation, visit our Tacoma, Wa location.  We can quickly help you determine whether an auto body repair is necessary or not.

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