When To Replace Your Shocks

shocks in need of replacement

You like riding on rollercoasters, but only at the theme park.  Riding in your car should be comfortable and when the rolling and swaying becomes a bit much it’s probably time to look at replacing your shocks and/or struts.  Shocks are usually good for about 30,000 – 40,000 miles.  Struts last for about 50,000 – 60,000 miles.  Because shocks and struts deteriorate slowly over time, by the time you notice that your ride is resembling a coaster more than a car; it’s probably past the time for replacement.

While worn out shocks aren’t necessarily a serious condition, they can be responsible for the need to have more distance in front of you when stopping.  Also, the increased swaying of the car can cause skidding when the roads are slick.  Both of these things can put your car in the body shop.  Worn shocks also put extra wear on your tires and suspension.

Pay attention to your cars performance.  If it’s bouncing more than you think it should when driving on rough roadways or when hitting speed bumps, it’s probably time to have a mechanic look at replacing your shocks and/or struts.  Other signs include the nose of the car dipping when braking and the suspension bottoming out when hauling extra weight.

Enjoy your drives and stay safer by replacing shocks and struts when you notice these signs.

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