Drive Safe in the Rain

Difficulty Driving Through Rain at Night

Summer seems to have disappeared fast leaving us scrambling for our raincoats and boots.  A few weeks ago we wanted to be in our car for the air conditioning and now we’re turning on our heated seats and steering wheels (aren’t those nice).

With the change in the season comes the rain and as we all know here in Tacoma, it’s going be around for a while.  So it’s time to remind ourselves of safety while on the road when it’s raining.  Lets keep our cars and ourselves safe and out of the auto body repair shop.  Although, feel free to stop by anytime to say hello.

Tips for driving safely in the rain:

  1. Keep both hands on the wheel.
  2. Keep distractions out of reach e.g. cell phones
  3. Use your mirrors to know what is happening around you
  4. Keep your headlights on even during the day
  5. Stay 5 (yes 5) car lengths behind the car ahead of you
  6. Know the condition of your tires and change them if needed
  7. There is A LOT of water in the Northwest – be aware of hydroplaning and stay off of flooded roads
  8. When the windshield begins to fog up, remember that air conditioned air works faster to defrost the windows

Soon, we’ll be talking about driving safe in the snow and over the passes.  Check out our blog on equipping your vehicle for the winter.

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