What To Do If You Have Curb Damaged Rims

Curb Damage Rim Repair Cost Most wheels can be repaired for 1/2 the cost of a new one. The bigger question is a matter of safety. Does your wheel alignment feel off now? This could result in another cost. To get a fair wheel alignment estimate, contact us. Safety First – Rim Repair or Replacement? So what… Read More

Taking Care of your Car

Whether for professional, personal or financial reasons, the appearance of your vehicle is an important, often over-looked aspect of an enjoyable driving experience.  Frankly, a good-looking car makes you feel better – you have more confidence, feel more comfortable with others in your space and even your mood improves. Behavioral studies have long established what many… Read More

Industry Independence: The Choice is Yours

Your choice matters, and in an industry dominated by some of the largest companies in the world, your trust in a quality, locally-owned collision facility to look after your needs, in spite of an insurance company’s desire to save money, is absolutely essential for your peace of mind. The two main factors related to a… Read More