Should I Be Concerned About Road Salt & My Car’s Exterior?

Snow Removal Vehicle Salting Snowy Road

In Tacoma, we are lucky in the fact that we have a relatively mild climate with little snow.  With that said, we do get snow at times (some winters much worse than others) and many of us travel over the mountains where snow is inevitable.  Where there is snow, there is road salt (if there are roads of course).

Road salt means a decrease of about 80% in auto accidents in winter weather and makes plowing roads much easier.  Both of these are very good things.  What isn’t so good about road salt is that it is very bad on a car’s exterior and for those who take pride in their vehicle’s condition and exterior paint job, this is a matter to be concerned with.

What you should do to prevent road salt damage:

·      Wax your car before winter.  Waxing your car will prevent the road salt from corroding your car’s paint.

·      Wash often.  Exactly how often you should wash your car will depend on how often you are dealing with road salt.  However, you for sure should wash your car immediately following a snowstorm (okay in Tacoma, snow fall).  Washing your car regularly will mean that salt residue will be cleaned off before it can do damage.  Make sure when you’re washing your car that you thoroughly clean underneath.

·      Don’t neglect the interior.  When you get into your car, you’re tracking in whatever it is that you are stepping in which means the road salt and dirt is coming in with you.  Vacuum your car’s carpet every time you wash it to keep it in good condition and damage free as well.

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