Protect Your Car From Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves Falling on Car

Parking under trees is tempting especially when it’s hot out but it’s not the best choice, especially this time of year. Leaves accumulating on your car can stain and damage your car’s finish due to sap, pollen, and tannic acid. If you find yourself in a situation with leaves on your car here are some tips for preventing damage.

  • Pick off the leaves as soon as you possibly can. Pick them up one by one instead of brushing them off which may cause micro abrasions on your cars finish.
  • Wash your car with a liquid wash made specifically for cars and dry it immediately after.
  • If you have leaf stains treat the areas with a leaf stain remover or paint cleaner.
  • Put the cleaner on a soft, dry cloth and rub firmly to remove the stain. Try a small patch test before applying to all the stains. Rewash your car when you are finished.
  • Wax your car to leave a protective coating

If you have any questions or concerns about the process or about the right products to use, call your local car dealer, detailer, or give us a call here at the body shop.

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