Industry Independence: The Choice is Yours

Collision Specialists Standing Under Vehicle on Lift

Your choice matters, and in an industry dominated by some of the largest companies in the world, your trust in a quality, locally-owned collision facility to look after your needs, in spite of an insurance company’s desire to save money, is absolutely essential for your peace of mind. The two main factors related to a quality collision repair are 1) Your vehicle’s safety and 2) Your vehicle’s value. You have probably heard of insurance companies and their ‘Preferred Shops,’ or ‘Direct Repair Providers.’ Every one of these ‘Preferred’ and ‘Direct’ shops have negotiated the terms of the repairs performed on the vehicles referred to them in exchange for the referral they get from the insurance companies. From lowering the shop labor rate to compromising the quality of parts replaced and foregoing the final touches that ensure your vehicle maintains its aesthetic and material value, these compromises often happen without the client (you) ever even knowing they occurred.

At Collision Specialists, we believe that when it comes to the repair of your car, there is no such thing as too much care taken during the repair process. Your safety and that of your loved ones and your friends, together with the value of your vehicle after the repairs are completed, are our primary concern. At every step of the repair process, it is essential that the appropriate procedures for a complete, quality repair be followed without compromise. Fortunately for us in the industry, very specific repair guidelines have been established in detail in what we refer to as the “Procedure Pages,” or “P-Pages.” Every single repair from simpler ones like replacing a door handle to more complex ones like repairing the whole front end of a car have a detailed list of cost- and labor-specific procedures that must be performed in order for the repair to be done correctly according to the industry leaders like I-CAR and others.

By refusing to compromise our standards, your safety and the value of your vehicle are thus assured to be maintained to the highest standards. Your peace of mind, together with your vehicle’s trade-in value, are in better hands when you trust a reputable, independent repair facility like our own. Experience it for yourself: Come in for an estimate, check out our facility and talk to our staff. You will be happy you chose a neighborhood collision center dedicated to its customers, instead of going to a shop with a vested interest in an insurance company’s financial bottom line.

We work with all of the major insurance companies, and we do the negotiation that ensures the repairs to your vehicle are up to the standards adequate to your desires and your needs – in a real way, that’s our job. Know what your rights are: In Washington State law you can absolutely take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice.

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