Prevent Property Theft From Your Vehicle

One summer evening, the police held an informative training session for residents who wished to learn more about personal safety.  In neighborhoods all across town, cars were broken into, and thieves had taken cell phones, iPods, purses, wallets and countless other valuable items.  The police office at the lectern asked the crowd how many people… Read More

How Do I Make My Auto Insurance Cheaper?

How do auto insurance companies see you? Are you high-risk? If so, what can you do about this? How do auto insurers decide who is high-risk or low-risk? What influences the premium prices and how are they decided in the first place? Need help with your auto insurance claim? There are a lot of questions… Read More

Hit & Run – What to do!

Any time you’re involved in an accident, thorough documentation is needed for your insurance company.  But when one party is missing, this becomes more difficult.  In a hit and run situation you’re also going to need to get the police involved right away so that a police report is on file.  Here are a few… Read More

Protect Your Car During Windstorms

Windstorms have rocked the Pacific Northwest recently, with the National Weather Service reporting wind gusts of 40 mph in Tacoma, and gusts as high as 70 mph at the coast. Along with the strong winds come a host of problems, most common being power outages and storm related damage. Many times this storm damage occurs… Read More