The Risk Of Not Dealing With A “Small” Accident

We all procrastinate for different reasons, but waiting to deal with that small dent in your bumper from when you backed out of that parking space the other day, just might end up doing even more damage to your vehicle than initially done and in turn, end up costing you more money. A small accident… Read More

Choosing The Right Body & Paint Shop in Tacoma

The last thing anyone wants, is to be involved in an auto accident that requires body and paint work.  Most consumers are apprehensive about body shops because they’re not quite sure what to expect or how it all works, not to mention what the repair bill will look like. At Collision Specialists our number one… Read More

Stop Speeding!

Speeding is a factor in one out of three fatal crashes!  Why are we still speeding?  According to Focus on Safety: A Practical Guide to Automated Traffic Enforcement, we are still speeding because: We’re in a hurry (that’s an obvious one) We’re not paying attention to our driving We don’t think traffic laws apply to… Read More

Construction in Tacoma, Pierce County & Safety

Spring is upon us and summer is right around the corner.  With the nicer weather comes an easier drive in some ways—and in other ways, not so much.  Spring and summer is also construction season.  Congestion around the Tacoma Dome and 38th street has been an issue for years, annoying drivers, slowing travel time, and… Read More