Construction in Tacoma, Pierce County & Safety

road construction

Spring is upon us and summer is right around the corner.  With the nicer weather comes an easier drive in some ways—and in other ways, not so much.  Spring and summer is also construction season.  Congestion around the Tacoma Dome and 38th street has been an issue for years, annoying drivers, slowing travel time, and causing safety issues.

One of the main topics of this blog is safety while driving.  While we’re in the business of auto body repair and paint in Tacoma, we also want to see our customers stay safe.  Thankfully, modern safety features on vehicles are keeping human bodies safer than ever before, but safety still needs to be front of mind.

It is very important to stay alert and safe in construction zones.  One such zone is the Nalley Valley Viaduct project.  Have you gone down Sprague expecting to be able to go eastbound on SR 16 just to realize no such on-ramp exists?  Current construction is taking place to fix that problem.  It’s the second of three Nalley Valley projects.  The westbound SR 16 project is completed and working; now it’s time to work on the eastbound ramp.  The third installment will be to build HOV direct access ramps between SR 16 and I-5 HOV lanes.  This phase is scheduled for 2020-2023.

While currently frustrating, as all construction is, the benefits will be well worth it.  Among the benefits: wider shoulders, improved traffic flow, improved storm water treatment, and restored wetlands.  Completion of phase two will be in 2014.

Coming soon is a 3-month closure of the I-5 South 38th street exit.  This closure will take effect Saturday April 20th and will remain closed through July.

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 720 motorists and workers were killed in highway work zones in 2008.

Keep yourself and others safe by slowing down and keeping to the posted speed limit.  Leave yourself plenty of room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.  Do not get impatient and pass on the shoulder.  Keep your cool and pay attention.  Know that there will be a delay, leave early or consider an alternative route.


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