GPS Does NOT Know All

You may think, yeah I know that, it sends me to the wrong place all too often.  However, we’re still following it to the wrong place.   But, have you thought about GPS causing an accident?  Probably not.  If you Google “GPS causing car accidents” you’ll find a list of sites outlining and reporting on GPS-related… Read More

Drive Safe in the Rain

Summer seems to have disappeared fast leaving us scrambling for our raincoats and boots.  A few weeks ago we wanted to be in our car for the air conditioning and now we’re turning on our heated seats and steering wheels (aren’t those nice). With the change in the season comes the rain and as we… Read More

When To Replace Your Shocks

You like riding on rollercoasters, but only at the theme park.  Riding in your car should be comfortable and when the rolling and swaying becomes a bit much it’s probably time to look at replacing your shocks and/or struts.  Shocks are usually good for about 30,000 – 40,000 miles.  Struts last for about 50,000 –… Read More

Stay Safe During Long Holiday Weekends

Long weekends such as the one we’re experiencing this weekend over the fourth are great for getting away.  The only problem is that getting away is great for A LOT of people, making the highways jam-packed.  Anytime you’re dealing with a crowd of significant size on the roads, you’ll also encounter a number of auto… Read More