What is Forward Collision Mitigation

The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) has examined the difference in accident rates between cars with and without this feature.  The study found that claim frequencies for property damage liability were down by 14 percent on Mercedes-Benz models that offered the system.  Their examination also showed smaller benefits in cutting down on injury and collision… Read More

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Do you go out of your way to find the gas station with the lowest prices?  Often, this means waiting in a line.  But the extra time is worth it when filling up means sixty or seventy dollars or even more!  The high price of gasoline should also make you rethink the way you drive…. Read More

Driving While Fatigued

Are we more tired in the winter due to minimal daylight?  In short—yes.  It makes sense really, light coming through our windows in the morning wakes us up and we don’t think about bedtime until it’s dark.  During the summer our serotonin levels are higher which creates energy and good feelings.  This diminishes in the… Read More

Pierce County Santa Cops

Collision Specialists was so happy to be able to sponsor the Pierce County Santa Cops.  On December 18th deliveries went out to 119 families and 340 kids! About Pierce County Santa Cops: Mission: To provide help to families in need in the Pierce County area, having a positive impact on the people and communities served… Read More