Monthly Archives: November 2012

Driving in the Rain

  Every year around October and November we hear the disbelief in Washingtonian's voices as they mutter about the apparent incompetence of drivers when they witness the amount of accidents on the road due to the rain.  “Seriously, you’d think these people have never driven in the rain.” Or “Come on people its just rain,…
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Maintain Your Car’s Paint Job

Car paint has come a long way since the early 1900’s when the coatings were a varnish that were a carry-over from the horse and buggy days.  It was not uncommon for the process of painting, sanding, and refinishing to take over a month to complete.  And as far as options, well Henry Ford said…
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Describing Auto Accidents

If you’re involved in an auto accident or just witnessed one, you’ll need to be able to describe details of the accident to the police upon their arrival.  This can be a bit nerve-wracking because they usually seem happen in the blink of the eye.  On top of how quickly they occur, many are often…
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