Parking Dings & Tips to Avoid Them

One day the mayor of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, decided to send a message to luxury car owners who tend to park illegally.  He ran a Mercedes over with a Russian tank.

While it may be extremely unlikely that you will ever return to your parked car to find that it has been run over by a Russian tank, parking dings are common occurrences.

Too often we find new dings from some else’s car door or a shopping cart. Here are some tips to avoid those irritating dings:

  • Park in end spots whenever you can, this tends to be best.
  • Park in the spot furthest from the door, many people don’t enjoy the walk, so there’s a good chance you’ll be alone out there.
  • Look to see if you can park near bushes, columns, etc. Things that are not likely to hit you.
  • Try and gage the cars that you would be parked next to: is there enough room? Will their door hit yours?
  • Park on the passenger side of other vehicles, there’s always a chance the other car doesn’t have a passenger.

While these tips may be helpful, they are not fool proof. Occasionally dings happen. If it does to you and you are uncomfortable with it, Collision Specialists will be more than happy to be your one stop shop for auto body repair.

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