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Hydroplaning – Prevention and Recovery

Our last blog focused on safe vehicles for your teen drivers. While the safety features we recommend are important for new drivers, they are also a plus for seasoned drivers. The topic this month is hydroplaning, an all-too-common occurrence here in the Northwest. Wet roads, often piled with leaves or pine needles, require specific driving…
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Safe Cars For Teens

Here at Collision Specialists, we value your business. More importantly, though, we think highly of all of our customers and their loved ones. This month, we want to talk to you about your teen drivers – specifically the safety of the vehicles they may drive regularly. In a perfect world, we would most likely all…
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How To Remove Sap From Your Car

You know the drill – you park in the shade on a hot summer day to keep the car as cool as possible. An hour later you return to see blotches of tree sap spotting your pristine paint job. As mad as you are, you know the curses you let fly won’t fix the problem.…
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Prevent Property Theft From Your Vehicle

One summer evening, the police held an informative training session for residents who wished to learn more about personal safety.  In neighborhoods all across town, cars were broken into, and thieves had taken cell phones, iPods, purses, wallets and countless other valuable items.  The police office at the lectern asked the crowd how many people…
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