Monthly Archives: September 2013

Drive Safe in the Rain

  Summer seems to have disappeared fast leaving us scrambling for our raincoats and boots.  A few weeks ago we wanted to be in our car for the air conditioning and now we’re turning on our heated seats and steering wheels (aren’t those nice).   With the change in the season comes the rain and…
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Cars Are Getting Smarter

  Cars are getting smarter and smarter every year.  One of these days they might not need a driver.  Wouldn’t that be nice, think of all the things you could accomplish during your commute.  All of these new safety features may mean less auto body shops in the future – that’s probably a long way…
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Online Tools To Keep Us Safe On The Road

  Traffic can wreak havoc on our stress levels.  The last thing we want when running late for work or coming home from a long day on the job is a backed-up commute.  Research shows that sitting in traffic not only makes us late to our destination but also negatively affects our health.  The stress…
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