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Often times, the wheels of a car will become out of balance after an accident or extensive wear. Collision Specialists is here to assist you with correcting the alignment of your wheels, ensuring the life of your vehicle can be extended. While wheel alignment service can and should be done periodically as part of your ongoing maintenance plan, professionals at Collision Specialists routinely address this important issue whenever they perform an extensive auto body repair project as well.


Meanwhile, if you suspect your wheels may need re-aligning, don’t wait for further vehicle damage or an accident to occur! In the interest of safety, and long-range wear and tear, bring your car into Collision Specialists for a wheel alignment analysis whenever you suspect the need. We’ll give you a fair assessment and guidance on the cause for your concerns, and explain what is required to correct the alignment problem, in an effort to help you avoid further wheel alignment, steering or related wear and/or damages.


To inquire about our wheel alignment services, call us at 253.476.0564 or submit our convenient web inquiry form for a prompt response.


Signs your wheels could need to be re-aligned:

  • Drifting or pulling to one side when you let go of the steering wheel
  • Tire wear patterns appear uneven
  • The vehicle pulls or wanders when you are driving on a straight and even surface


If you are experiencing any of these issues, it’s probably time to get your vehicle wheel alignment inspected and fixed. All of these conditions cause rapid wear of tires, are a driving safety hazard, and should be analyzed and corrected as soon as possible. Call Tacoma’s professional auto body repair and wheel alignment professionals at Collision Specialists today at 253.476.0564.

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